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LSLiDAR and ONEN Forklifts Reached Strategic Cooperation

LSLiDAR and ONEN Forklifts Reached Strategic Cooperation, Promoting Mass Application of Multi-Line LiDAR 3D SLAM Unmanned Forklifts!

On September 13, Guangdong ONEN New-resource Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ONEN Forklifts) and Shenzhen LSLiDAR Intelligent System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LSLiDAR) formally reached a strategic cooperation and signed a procurement contract for a high-volume Multi-Line LiDAR 3D SLAM System Solution Kit, becoming LSLiDAR’s first designated forklift OEM.

Mr Hu Xiaobo, Chairman of LSLiDAR, met with Mr Liao Qizhang, Chairman of ONEN Forklift and his accompanying staff.


On the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the two companies, through friendly negotiation, have entered into a strategic partnership on the application of LSLiDAR’s “Intelligent Warehousing and Manufacturing Software and Hardware System Solution” based on multi-line LiDAR 3D SLAM technology in ONEN Forklifts and will carry out long-term cooperation in the future.


Mr Liao Qizhang said that LSLiDAR’s world-leading multi-line LiDAR 3D SLAM positioning technology far exceeds that of Europe, America and Japan by more than two generations in terms of technology and market application maturity. The advanced unmanned forklift technology and application solutions provided to ONEN Forklifts are expected to solve the long-standing problems in the application of traditional reflectors in the unmanned forklift industry and play a breakthrough role in the business development of ONEN Forklifts. This cooperation may usher in a new era for the unmanned forklift industry and prompt an industry reshuffle.

Mr Hu Xiaobo noted that ONEN’s 30-year market experience and resource accumulation in the field of forklifts will greatly help promote the large-scale application of multi-line LiDAR 3D SLAM unmanned forklift solutions. Cooperation between the two companies will realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, which will accelerate the process of domestic unmanned forklift industry remodelling, help traditional forklift manufacturers overtake their competitors from Europe, America and Japan, and let China’s unmanned forklift technology leap to the world top.

Based on the world’s leading multi-line LiDAR 3D SLAM mapping and multi-sensor fusion technology, the “Intelligent Warehousing and Manufacturing Software and Hardware System Solution” from LSLiDAR can easily and quickly create 3D environment maps of up to one million square meters and flexibly adjust the driving path for AGVs. The solution can also be equipped with a one-stop Warehouse Management System (WMS), a full-scene automated Warehouse Control System (WCS) and a flexible intelligent multi-machine dispatching management system, helping users to realize a truly intelligent whole-process operation in smart warehousing and smart manufacturing.

Accurate and stable real-time 3D point cloud map building, suitable for 100% outdoor environment and 99% complex indoor environment

LSLiDAR’s multi-line LiDAR 3D SLAM technology can build 3D point cloud maps of super large scenes (up to millions of square meters), and the perceived environmental information is rich in features and stable in location matching, applicable to 100% outdoor scenes and 99% indoor scenes, laying a solid foundation for large-scale promotion.


Low input cost, saving labour cost and improving profit margin

The whole set of unmanned forklift system equipped with LSLiDAR’s multi-line LiDAR 3D SLAM technology is of low cost, several hundred thousand yuan per set only, which can be earned back within one year and help end users save more than 1.3 million yuan in 6 years.

Easy to deploy, quick to put into use

The whole system does not need to deploy auxiliary facilities in the operating environment. Over 10 forklifts can be deployed in just 1-2 weeks, saving a lot of deployment time.

The above advantages perfectly solve the problems of traditional unmanned forklift navigation in indoor and outdoor scenarios, such as large application limitations, high investment costs, cumbersome deployment and large time consumption.

This “Intelligent Warehousing and Manufacturing Software and Hardware System Solution” can be widely applied to logistics, manufacturing, power exchange, paper making, textile, chemical fibre, leather, food, cosmetics, accessories and many other fields to help the intelligent transformation of various industries. For now, the number of enterprises LSLiDAR has cooperated with in this technology is about seventy, including SF Express, Dongfeng Motor, Weichai Power, government fire depot and more.


Guangdong ONEN New-resource Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangdong ONEN New-resource Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research, production and sales of electric forklifts and handling equipment. ONEN Forklifts, founded in 1998, was formerly known as Taizhou ONEN Logistics Machinery Co., Ltd. In 2010, the factory was relocated from Jiangsu to Zhuhai, Guangdong. During this period, it went through several joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. It is until the successful reorganization of ONEN Forklifts and Hong Kong Zhonghu Power Co., Ltd. in August 2018 that the brand-new ONEN Forklifts was born. The company has introduced to the market a full range of electric material handling equipment, mainly based on the three star products of electric stacker, electric reach forklift, and electric pallet truck, supplemented by electric four-wheel counterbalanced forklifts, once again bursting forth the new vitality of the domestic established electric storage and forklift enterprise.

Relying on the 30 years of technology accumulation and mature manufacturing process, ONEN’s electric material handling equipment adopts a high-strength body structure, matching with world-famous durable transmission and powerful motor. The main star product — ride-on forklift is energy-saving and environmental-friendly, easy to operate, low in noise and cost of use and maintenance, small in size, and stable in performance. The all-electric pallet forklift equipped with an imported electric handle is easy to operate, effectively reducing the operator’s fatigue. The electric stacker has excellent hill climbing performance and excellent stability, which can easily complete all kinds of overhead material stacking. Furthermore, the new electric counterbalanced forklift is also favoured by the market for its compact size and small turning radius, making it particularly suitable for material handling in small warehouses.

In the future, ONEN Forklifts will take professionalism and concentration as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and grasp the opportunity brought by the thriving development of international modern industrial and logistics equipment in the direction of convenience, intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection to secure an iridescent future for the company with hard work and innovation.



Established in February 2015, Shenzhen LSLiDAR System Co., Ltd. has grown into a world-leading provider of full-scene lidar and overall solutions. With strong strength and excellent performance, our company has been unanimously recognized by national and local government departments. We are awarded the “Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award” in 2020, successfully selected as the ” Winner of AI Industry Innovation Key Tasks in Phase I” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recognized as ” Guangdong LiDAR Engineering Technology Research Centre” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and selected as one of the National-Level Small Giant Enterprises of “Specialization, Refinement, Specialization and Novelty”.

With the core technology of independent innovation, we have set a number of industry milestones like the only lidar company in the world that has mastered all four principles of lidar measurement – time of flight (TOF), phase, triangulation and frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW), and has managed to build the most complete lidar product matrix; the first company in China to start a strategic layout for the resource integration in the vertical industry chain, and has been equipped with the industry-leading capacities in the design, research and development, process, manufacturing and testing of the whole chain from core components to complete machines. Furthermore, we have completed the self-development and production of special chips for lidar, 1550 nm fibre lasers, and more than ten high-power core components, as well as the mastery of semiconductor laser and detector packaging technology.

Committed to empowering industrial upgrading with high-end, stable and reliable lidar sensing technology, we provide services to nine major industrial ecosystems including autonomous driving, smart transportation, rail transit, robotics, logistics, surveying and mapping, security, ports and industrial automation. Adhering to the mission of “making driving safer, making machines smarter, and making life better”, we hold fast to “professionalism, innovation and quality”, creating value for customers with remarkable sensing products, and have gained a foothold in the golden age of global intelligent sensing construction.


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