Image-grade 1550nm Fiber Laser Hybrid Solid-state LiDAR

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Image-grade 1550nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDAR LS-S2 series

Uses the in-house 1550nm fiber laser and dozens of high-power core optical devices. LS-S2 can detect small objects with super long-distance detection and super point cloud density. It can detect up to 500m, and 250m with 10% reflectivity. The measurement accuracy is ±2cm, FOV is 120°(H)x25°(V), the minimum vertical angle resolution can reach to 0.01°, at the same time, sampling points can reach 1.6 million – 6.4 million points/s. The extremely thin size of 225x120x45 mm is easier to integrate on vehicles to serves the autonomous driving, complete anti-interference function, high reliability and design for mass production. Leading the world with comprehensive performance, being the main LiDAR for L3 and above high-level autonomous driving.

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Key Specifications

225 *120 *45mm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

120° x25°(-12.5°~12.5°)

Maximum Field of View (HxV)

[email protected]% (Max 500m)

Detection Range

1600,000~6400,000 pts/s

Data Points Generated


Range Accuracy


IP Grade


Maximum Angular Resolution


ROI Area Equivalent Lines


Lines Per Second

Product Highlights

Point Cloud Display

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Point Cloud of Local ROI

Vertical direction to local ROI distribution, high resolution in the realization of long-distance small targets.

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Customization of Non-uniform Point Cloud

Vertical customization of non-uniform distribution, ultra-high resolution for small targets at long distances.

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Point Cloud of Dynamic ROI Scanning

Vertical ROI area can be customized to realize scanning distribution, which is more suitable for customers’ use scenarios

In-house High Performance 1550nm Fiber Laser

Mr. Hu Xiaobo, founder of LSLiDAR, founded the original domestic largest fiber laser enterprise MAX Laser, more than 20 years in the industry, he has made great contributions to China’s fiber laser industry, known as the “Godfather of China’s fiber laser” industry. With profound fiber laser technology strength and strong vertical industrial chain resource integration and integration ability, LSLiDAR has completed the in-house research and production of a high-performance 1550nm fiber laser, LS-S2 series not only gives the strongest detection performance, but also can greatly reduce the machine cost, to provide customers with high value, high performance, and high precision environment sensing products.

45mm Ultra-thin Size

Compact design makes the LS-S2 series have an ultra-thin size of 225x120x45mm, which is 20% smaller than similar products. It can be embedded in the car body compatible to the aesthetic design of the car.

Adapt to Various Environments

LS-S2 series adopts 1550nm fiber laser, which can guarantee stable performance even in rain, fog, and snow environment, offering weather- agnostic safety perception for autonomous driving.

Installation scheme on automotive

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