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Why choose 1550nm fiber laser?

At present, a number of LiDAR companies have adopted 1550nm fiber laser as the transmitting light source, which enables LiDAR to have higher transmitting power and laser frequency while ensuring human eyes safety. As a result, LiDAR detection range and accuracy could be improved, meeting the needs of long-distance detection(up to several km). Moreover, 1550nm fiber laser performs better in rainy and foggy climates, providing more robust perception for autonomous driving in expressway. The scheme of 1550nm fiber laser can fundamentally solve the problem of detection distance, but its high cost is the block of large-scale application.

How does LSLiDAR deal with the problem of high cost of 1550nm fiber laser?

LSLiDAR has successfully designed and built the 1550nm fiber laser and more than ten kinds of core high-power fiber devices. The cost control ability of this technology is world-leading. In the future, the fiber laser cost will be greatly reduced by LSLiDAR.

LSLiDAR in-house 1550nm fiber laser

LSLiDAR in-house 1550nm fiber laser is designed with a master oscillator plus power amplifier (MOPA) structure. Different pulse width, laser frequency, peak power, single pulse energy, and linear/random polarization can be configured. In addition, fiber laser works in the safe band of human eyes, so it is a high-quality light source in the fields of LiDAR, remote ranging, remote survey and so.

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