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LSLiDAR New Product Launch – 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

LSLiDAR released its 1550 nm LiDAR “Terminator 1” of $ 599 and the 905 nm LiDAR CX series of a compact size.

On April 19, LSLiDAR makes its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show to exhibit its blockbuster products, one of the image-grade 1550 nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDARs,” Terminator 1”, and the lightweight 905 nm hybrid solid-state LiDARs, CX series.

Activity Site

Activity Site

The general manager of LSLiDAR’s Automotive BU, Mr. Zeng enthusiastically introduced the “Terminator 1” and new products of CX series, and also unveiled the OEM-inclusive price of “Terminator 1”, $ 599, which roused the crowd. The price announcement of “Terminator 1” terminates people’s price prejudice on the 1550 nm auto-grade LiDAR and opens a new era of its application in intelligent driving. The LiDAR’s performance is no more “wasted”, but provides better protection for intelligent driving.

Advantage of Image-Grade 1550nm Fiber Laser LiDAR – Terminator 1

The emission source adopted by 1550 nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDARS is 1550 nm fiber laser. With strengths of precise collimation, high brightness and powerful anti-interference ability, the LiDAR is capable of longer detection range, higher resolution, finer perception of small objects, and superior anti-optical interference, which brings more clear perception of environment and longer braking time to greatly improve driving safety.

The CX series of compact size also attracted people’s attention, the design technology of which is a major technological breakthrough in the miniaturization technology of auto-grade high-wire-beam hybrid solid-state LiDAR. Its palm-sized dimension of 110*91.5*45 mm (LxWxH) is 43% smaller than the CH128S1’s dimension of 118*90*75 mm (LxWxH), which is suitable for embedding in the car without occupying much space and is more in line with the aesthetic needs of passenger vehicles’ exterior design. Also, the LiDAR runs with a low power consumption and is noise-free.

Advantage of Auto-Grade 905nm Hybrid Solid-State LiDAR CX128S2

Advantage of Auto-Grade 905nm Hybrid Solid-State LiDAR CX126S3

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