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What is LIDAR?

Lidar, a radar system that detects the position, speed, and other characteristic quantities of a target by emitting a laser beam, is mainly composed of transmitting system, receiving system, information processing and other parts. LIDAR has the characteristics of high accuracy, long range, strong anti-interference, independent of ambient light, etc. It can effectively sense the environmental situation both day and night, thus completely liberating many devices that originally relied highly on human monitoring and control.

Before we understand it working in detail, let’s look at a few types:

How Does LIDAR Work?

In simple words, LIDAR technology calculates the time taken for an emitted pulse of light waves through a laser in the environment to reflect at the sensor by surrounding objects. The velocity of light, also known as Time flight measurement, is used to calculate the distance.

Repetition of this process a million times per second creates a real-time 3D map of the environment that can be used for navigation by the onboard computer.

Uses of LiDAR

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, LiDAR has expanded from military to civilian use, and is widely used in unmanned vehicles, intelligent transportation, rail transportation, robotics, logistics, mapping, security, and other fields.

Smart logistics is a new generation logistic solution empowered by LiDAR technology. The use of laser beams in detecting objects and their distance from a particular position helps efficient transportation of goods and warehousing. It is a new edge technology that logistic companies have started to use for smart business operations within the company and facilitate smooth interconnection between different logistic networks.

The railway industry around the world has started adopting Radar and LiDAR solutions. LiDAR helps the railways in storing, capturing, and processing data efficiently. LiDAR’s intelligent technology detects discrepancies instantly so that efforts can be made to make the system flawless

LiDAR is a system that combines Laser, GPS, and INS technologies to obtain data and generate an accurate DEM (Digital Elevation Model). It adopts the laser triangulation method and high-frequency image collecting and processing mechanism. The sampling and scan rates are adjustable and can be customized as per specifications.

An intelligent transportation system is an integrated system of people, roads, and vehicles, designed to contribute to enhancing road safety, comfort as well as sustainable development of the environment through smooth traffic by handling traffic congestion.

LiDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging, a developing technology used to map objects and areas. It refers to a method of determining the distance between objects using light by measuring the time taken for the light to travel a particular distance. At LSLIDAR, we have various types of LiDAR that can be used for different purposes.

Smart mobility is the connection of various elements of technology and mobility, a reflection of the transportation infrastructure used in daily life and business, targeting to:


Why Chooes Us

If you are looking to test the benefits of LiDAR technology,  LSLIDAR is an excellent choice for you.

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