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The scanning mode of Multi-line Mechanical LiDAR

Electric motors spin both transmitter and receiver modules 360 degrees. The transmitter module emits laser lines at a certain frequency, resulting in a dynamic scan by continuously rotating the transmitter head as multiple laser beams are arranged in a vertical direction. The maximum beam is currently up to 128 lines. Our technical solutions and devices are relatively mature, with a low technical threshold and higher integration with many sensing algorithms.

LSLIDAR CX Series 360° Multi-line Mechanical LiDAR


CX series 32/16-line mechanical LiDAR, using the leading core signal processing ASIC chip and advanced multiple echo detection technology, data calibration technology, data acquisition per second up to 64/320,000 points, can be more accurate, fast, and clear to outline the surrounding environment with  360 °of 3D profile information.



The C32W has a large 360°x70° field of view and concentrates on scanning the space below the radar, which can efficiently identify low-level obstacles within the distance range and greatly reduce the detection blind space.

It has high point density, capable of generating about 300,000 3D point cloud coordinates per second, 360° open field of view scanning perception, smaller size, and weight. It is widely used in unmanned, AGV, robotics, industrial automation, security, map mapping, disaster detection, scientific research, automotive driving, and other fields.


Application For 3D Lidar







FAQ For Multi-line Mechanical LiDAR

Mention below are the types of 3D light detection and ranging:

3D LiDAR + Video fusion security system

The system fuses the perception results of lidar (point cloud) and camera (video image) to achieve accurate classification for intruding objects, at the same time, acquire precise objects information (localization, speed, etc.). The data output could be uploaded to the control center as the basis of alarm signal.

LiDAR 3D Protection System

The detection sensor of this system is a 3D LiDAR that realizes real-time 3D scanning of the surrounding environment to obtain point cloud data. By setting the protection area, when an obstacle is detected, the alarm signal will be output in time to provide accurate judgment information for equipment safety protection and collision avoidance. The system is suitable for industrial security protection, perimeter protection, vehicle collision avoidance, robot collision avoidance, etc.

The 3D LiDAR transmits a detection signal to the target and then compares the signal reflected back from the target with the transmitted signal. The time it takes for each pulse to return to the sensor is used to calculate the distance it has travelled. Repeating this process millions of times per second creates a real-time 3D map of the environment.

  • It is used to create a 3D elevation map of the land and can also convert into a sunlight exposure area and create a slope.
  • The main benefit of using this technology is that it brings out the most consistent and accurate results.
  • In this, the short wavelength can form exact 3D models and detect small objects by determining the objects, whether they are a wall, tree, or person.
  • It also collects more data in many dimensions.
  • The measurements on four levels help the object to be detected which are obstructing the path or on the floor.

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