HS Series

Fast Scanning LiDAR

Break the two Performance Barriers of “Fast Scanning” and “High Accuracy” A Valuable Contribution for ITS

HS Series
Fast Scanning LiDAR

HS series fast scanning LiDAR has excellent detection accuracy and anti-interference performance, with 100m detection range, ±2cm ranging accuracy, and up to 200Hz scanning frequency. HS Series LiDAR enables to detect high-speed moving objects in real time and accurately measure vehicle contour. It is widely used in vehicle and cargo contour detection, vehicle type detection, height limit detection, oversize detection, high-speed ETC capture detection, entry and exit vehicle type classification, traffic flow statistics, etc.

Product Highlights

Key Specifications

Laser Wavelength


Scanning Channel

1 channel

Data Acquisition Rate

53,000 pts/s





Scanning Rate


Horizontal Resolution

40Hz:0.09°/ 80Hz: 0.18°/

120Hz:0.27°/ 160Hz:0.36°/ 200Hz: 0.45°

Power Supply

9 V ~36V DC

Working Temperature


IP Grade



155 x 107.5 x 90mm(L x W x H)

Application Scenarios

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