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Smart Mobility

Smart mobility is the connection of various elements of technology and mobility, a reflection of the transportation infrastructure used in daily life and aimming, targeting to:

What kind of solutions that Smart Mobility can bring to us?

Some smart mobility solutions include:

Decarbonization and Electrification

Big Data and IoT applied to mobility

Autonomous Transport System

Humanizing streets

Autonomous Transport System of LSLIDAR is committed to offering world-leading LiDAR sensors and perception solutions to delivery robots, robotaxis, robotrucks, and flying cars projects.

Different types and applications of the Smart Mobility

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Delivery Robot

Delivery robot is an autonomous robot that provides “last mile” delivery services. In certain situations where the robot cannot resolve itself, such as when it is stuck on an obstacle, the operator can monitor and control the robot remotely. Delivery robots can be applied in different scenarios such as food delivery, package delivery, hospital delivery, and room service.

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Robotaxi, known as autonomous taxi, is a type of autonomous vehicle operated for ride-sharing companies. Robotaxis may significantly improve pollution and energy consumption because electric vehicles are heavily used in these projects, and in most cases, they require a smaller vehicle size and range compared to the usual individual owned vehicles. Ride-sharing means the expectable reduction in the number of vehicles, thereby reducing embodied energy and traffic congestion. A significant portion of the operating costs of such services come from human drivers, so eliminating the need for human drivers is a very affordable solution for customers.

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Robotruck or self-driving truck has critical meaning to the labor shortage in supply chain delivery. In some countries, even before the pandemic, the number of truck drivers on the roads was insufficient to meet the industry’s needs, and the supply gap is only expected to grow. Robotruck not only can help expand freight capacity, but also enhance quality of life for individual drivers, by relieving them of tedious or manual labor routes.

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Flying Car

Flying car is a type of vehicle that can act as both a private car and an aircraft. There are many examples of real flying cars, from the fixed-wing Terrafugia Transition and AeroMobil, to the rotating versions of the PAL-V and Joby. Investment in this area is substantial (Morgan Stanley estimates that the urban air traffic market will reach $1.5 trillion by 2040. Flying cars could help solve congestion and move from the 2D world to the 3D world, thus opening up more capacity. Safety issues are key to flying cars, from safe landings and takeoffs, to avoid being hit by other flying objects or high-voltage cables.


Solutions for Smart Mobility
Robo-truck or self-driving truck has critical meaning in addressing the labor shortage in supply chain delivery


FAQ For Flying Cars

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