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Intelligent Security

Security monitoring system is used in various scenarios such as commercial and military environments. It owns the functions like night vision, face recognition, tracking targets and plays an important role in combating crime, maintaining social order, preventing disasters and accidents, thus protecting the safety of people and property. As a leader in the LiDAR field, LSLIDAR has been committed to the development of high-end security products, and has developed a LiDAR and video fusion alarm system based on advantages in LiDAR and visual analysis technology.

Function of the security monitoring system

Through the construction of hardware and software systems, we will closely combine the actual needs of border security, build a new pattern of the information era, and improve the ability of IT hardware and software support and information resource service.

  • Active detection of intrusion targets
  • Alarm video linkage
  • Automatic tracking of multiple targets
  • Customized alert area
  • Panoramic coverage 
  • Preset LiDAR detection range in time
  • Automatically record alarm information and query records, filter records by setting time and alarm area.
  • The overall 2D map an 3D protection map are generated based on the parameters of set area
  • Provide upward-compatible interface, which can develop the function of data upload according to the customer’s demand and complete data connection with other systems.
  • Provide system arming and disarming functions, carry out strict authority control, and be able to arm and disarm the system flexibly.

Advantages of the security monitoring system

  • Active defense and automatic tracking.
  • Through the intelligent algorithm, the interference targets such as vehicles, animals and weeds can be effectively distinguished, and the moving speed and distance of obstacles can be calculated to achieve targeted detection.
  • The system enables optimal tracking and can display hundreds of objects on a flat view display and classify them according to configured rules and properties such as size, speed, and direction.
  • Once the system is automatically operational to detect and track targets, the system can optimize the use of cameras based on the current threat without restricting cameras to a specific field of view, and cameras can operate independently or in groups to perform functional tracking like targets or intelligent target search.
  • Direct information, command and efficient control in real time.

Applications scenarios

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Airport foreign object intrusion detection

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Foreign object intrusion detection on railroads, buses, and other industries

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Foreign object detection in station platform

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Prison, guardhouse security applications

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Nuclear power stations, substations, dangerous goods storage and other security applications


Cases for Intelligent Security

Perimeter Security System

Solution Introduction The system aims to make up for the shortages of current passive defense surveillance methods and the limitations of image analysis in environmental

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