Metro Screen Door Inspection System

Ensure Passenger Safety by Detecting to the Object in Gap

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Because the gaps between the subway platform and the screen doors are so narrow, long and dim, the system adopts LSLIDAR’s advanced LiDAR as a detector that works in real time and can quickly detect whether there are objects in the gap that could cause congestion for passengers or the subway.

High Resolution

LiDAR can acquire massive 3D data with centimeter-level accuracy in the scenario, so that the system can accurately capture the objects in the gaps.

Sound and Light Real-time Warning

While accidents of screen door are sudden, irregular and unpredictable, the system monitors gaps in real time and activates an early warning when any object is detected.

Customized Detection Zone

Detection zone can be set up flexibly according to the real environment condition, and the objects in the detection zone can be identified through the advanced algorithm.

Anti-glare and Anti-shock

LiDAR is not affected by glare, natural light and the light of high-brightness cross trains; Its impact resistance can meet long-term working conditions

Two LiDAR Installation Proposals

Proposal 1: Installation on the Subway Door

Proposal 2: Installation on the Train


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