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Intelligent Transport

Intelligent transportation system is an integrated system of pedestrians, roads, and cars, designed to improve road safety and sustainable environmental development by solving traffic congestion.

Various components of intelligent transportation

Information and communication technology

Road transportation


Traffic management

Mobility management

Broad range of wireless and wireline communication

Necessity of intelligent transportation

The need for sustainable planning is now more relevant than ever. Since the development of modern technology, people have been looking for opportunities across the globe. In order to deal with the relationship between demand and supply chain, intelligent transportation is very necessary.

Road safety

Traffic jam

Increase the efficiency


reduce fuel consumption

Advantages of Intelligent Transportation

It is applicable to various complex road sections to achieve all-round monitoring coverage.

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LiDAR and camera complement each other, which effectively improves the accuracy and reliability of data acquisition.

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Advanced neural network algorithm can accurately identify target attributes through deep learning, and output information such as type, direction, distance, speed, movement direction and traffic flow of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians.

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Further warning threat judgment can be carried out according to actual road scenarios, such as obstacle intrusion warning on control roads, blind spot warning, etc.

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It can directly determine and output the information of "traffic reversal", "traffic congestion", "spillage on road", "slow moving vehicles", "abnormal lane change", "emergency lane occupation", "intrusion incident", "queuing over the limit", "parking", "speeding", "V2P", etc.

Technical principle of LiDAR in Intelligent transportation

Intelligent transportation is based on wireless communication, LiDAR detection and other technologies to collect vehicle-road information, through vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-road information interaction and sharing to achieve intelligent cooperation between vehicles and infrastructure, optimize the utilization of system resources, improve road traffic safety and connect traffic congestion. It is the integration of information technology, mainly applied in two industries: automotive and transportation.

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Data transmission

Fast and real-time information communication is a top priority in ITS implementation, so this aspect of ITS includes the transfer of data collected from the field to the Traffic Information Center (TMC), from which the analyzed information is then sent to the traveler.

This information is communicated to travelers via the Internet, text messages or on-board devices. Few other communication methods are dedicated near field communication (DSRC) and Long Range Communication over continuous Air Interfaces (CAILM).

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Data analysis

The data collected and received at the TMC is further processed in different steps. These steps include error correction, data cleansing, data synthesis and adaptive logic analysis. Special software is used to identify and correct inconsistent data.

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Travel information

This system delivers real-time information such as travel time, travel speed, delay, accidents on roads, possible route changes, diversions, work zone conditions, etc.


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