Train-end Railway Intrusion Detection System

Real-time monitoring forward track, the system can detect the intrusion of objects to ensure the safety of passengers.

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Solution Introduction

The train-end obstacle intrusion intelligent monitoring system launched by LSLIDAR can be installed on the front of the train. It can notify the driver of early warning signals and alarm in time through the terminal display software, and solve problems that seriously threaten the track safety, such as unidentified falling objects and intruders.

Active Monitoring

Active track environment scanning and alarm in time


Immune to natural light and high intensity light

All-Time Operation

Immune to variation of lights, stable detection, labor saving and work efficiency improvement

Real-Time Warning

Earlier warning to danger intrusion

High Resolution, High Accuracy, High Density:

Massive amounts of data are obtained with centimeter accuracy

Vision Fusion

More explicit and detailed information of target and higher security redundancy

LiDAR+Vision Fusion Improves System Security Redundancy

According to point cloud data processing and fusion with visual sensors, the volume and position information of obstacles can be obtained in time and accurately.

High-Speed Rail

Bullet Train


Subway Train

Light Rail


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