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Located in Shenzhen, China, LSLiDAR (Leishen Intelligent System Co., Ltd.) is the leading LiDAR and complete solution provider. Since our inception in February 2015, we have been following the path of strong independent research and development strength. Today, we are way ahead on our mission of building a high-end, stable, and reliable LiDAR environment in order to facilitate industrial upgrading.

We have shown our vigour and presence in nine major industries, including-


About The Founder

Mr. Hu Xiaobo
Founder and Chairman & CEO of Shenzhen LeiShen Intelligent System Co., Ltd (LSLiDAR), Director of China Lidar Engineering Technology Research Center (Guangdong Province), and former Founder of Max Photonics, the largest fiber laser design and manufacture in China. He has been working in the optoelectronic industry of lidar, fiber laser, fiber optic sensing, and fiber-optic communication for more than 20 years.

Professional Achievements:
• Participated in more than 10 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects
• Personally obtained 43 invention patents
• Shenzhen “High-level Professional Talents”
• Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of China Radio Detection and Ranging Industry Association in 2020
• 2020 National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize
• Elected as a member of the 6th Shenzhen Bao’an District Committee Conference in 2021 (as one of the 13 representatives of the scientific and technological field)

Our mission

We aim to make a mark in many more industries, including defence, ITS, automotive, etc. We are a vast organisation having our headquarters in Shenzhen, along with 3 factories, 13 offices in domestic and foreign regions, with an addition of 6 overseas agents. We offer businesses and individuals a wide range of products, ensuring high-cost performance.

Our vision

We have planned certain goals for the future that awaits us, including the following-

  • To lead the sphere of industry development.
  • To build up an image of an industry expert.
  • To improve the performance of our product while bringing about a reduction in costs and expanding commercialization.
  • To expand our scope to more new applications in the industry.

Our company’s vision stands to become the world’s leading LIDAR solution provider. We want users from all around the world to make use of LIDAR products so that we can realise our mission of providing a safer driving experience, smarter machines, and a better life.


Currently, we are focussing on building a completely automotive-grade factory, creating a specialised team in the automotive field, improving the infrastructure of the company, and expanding the scale and scope of our organisation.


What makes us different?

The features that make us different from our competitors, making the customers want our products and services more, include the following-

  • Varying product lines: We have in store different products, including phase lidar, triangulation lidar, single/multi-line mechanical lidar, hybrid solid-state lidar, solid-state lidar, and other 2D and 3D lidar, to meet the varying needs of our clients.
  • Self-developed LIDAR chip: We make use of a LIDAR special chip, which is developed by our team of experts. The fibre laser, fibre device, and even the design of the chip – which is modular and helps in the reduction of the cost and form of the chip – have been developed by us.
  • Meeting customer needs: Our technology line is complete and is fit to meet the different scenarios of customer needs.
  • High-cost performance: The cost performance of the products and service provided by us is very high and are adequate to provide application solutions.

Emphasis on research and development

Research and development is the basis of your survival and development and, thus, is the foundation of our company. We make huge investments in R&D, which has increased our staff to about 500 employees, out of which 299 are R&D experts. We have worked hard to improve the core competitiveness of our original and strategic technology R&D.

Strong Competitivity in Patents & IP

LSLiDAR always highlighted the great importance to the esprit of an innovation management system, and through the implementation of Intellectual Property (IP) strategies and Standardization strategies, as well as the landing Industrialization strategies, the company’s originality and core competitiveness of strategic technology research and development are improved continuously.


Invention Patents


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Design Patents


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Please Leave Your Message

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Thank you very much for your approval of LSLiDAR, we will do our best to serve you ! We will respond to your intended needs within 24 hours, thank you for your support.