Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance LiDAR

360° High Accuracy Perception
Enable to identify high or low reflectance objects
This feature is mainly applied in navigation of AMR or unmanned forklift with retro board.

Generated 20,000 PTS/S

Optimized and Upgraded Algorithm for faster and more accurate Mapping

Resistant To Shock & Vibration

N401 LiDAR has passed the rigorous shock test(The shock acceleration is up to 40g versus the general standard 10g). This is highly appreciated by some applications such as autonomous driving, AGV and forklifts, where collision always happens when the machines are running, loading and unloading. N401 is designed to improve operation safety.

Key Specifications



Scan Rate

10Hz / 20Hz

Date Rate

20,000 pts/s

Angular Resolution



500m/sec², lasting 11ms

Working Temperature



80 x 79.1 mm

Input Voltage

9V~36V DC

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