W Series

Anti-Collision LiDAR

W Series LiDAR is designed for equipment collision avoidance and intelligent area detection applications. It uses mature TOF detection principles to accurately detect high-risk operating areas.

Up to 15 Groups of Monitoring Areas can be set

The user can freely set up specific warning areas according to the real situation. Through the combination of four switches, up to 15 groups of monitoring areas could be set. Each area could be independent or, associated with the others.

Resistant to the Shock and Vibration

W series LiDAR has passed the rigorous shock test(The shock acceleration is up to 40g versus the general standard 10g). This is highly appreciated by some applications such as autonomous driving, AGV and forklifts, where collision always happens when the machines are running, loading and unloading. W LiDAR is designed to improve operation safety.

W Series Parameters





Shock Test

500m/sec², lasting for 11ms

Operating Temperature


Scanning Rate


Communication Interface


Vibration Test

5Hz-2000Hz,3G rms

IP Grade


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