Long-range Visually Adjustable Laser Ranging System

LS30MVA Long-range Visually Adjustable Laser Ranging System

LS30MVA long-range visually adjustable laser ranging system is composed of long-range fixed point rangefinder, angular displacement platform and camera, which is independently developed by LSLiDAR. When the range finder shifts in the pitching direction due to various reasons, the system can automatically sense and adjust the laser to the horizontal Angle. The optical axis of the camera is parallel to the laser direction. When the rangefinder detects a target in front, the camera can be used to confirm the target directly.

LiDAR + Camera丨Capture Objects Accurately

Track and film the object at the same time, it is convenient for the staff to know real-time situation

Keep Horizontal in Real Time

System could automatically keep the emitted laser as horizontal when the ranging machine has vertical movement due to outside interference

Cost-effective For Long Range Detection

Range could be 2,000m with LSLiDAR’s in-house 1550nm fiber laser

Key Specifications

Laser Wavelength


Detection Range





Enable to stand with 0.73G vibration shock

Lase Vertical Accuracy


Power Supply


Point Rate

1,000 pts/s

Working Temperature

10℃ – 60

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