High-way ETC Activation System

Actively Triggered the Flash by LiDAR Sensing

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Traditional ETC activation system works together with the license plate recognition system. License plate recognition is basically achieved through cameras, and the recognition accuracy rate is only about 85 percent in good weather conditions and much lower in bad weather conditions. All these have caused huge losses and disputes to the central control station.

While the innovative ETC activation system adopts LSLiDAR’s self-developed LiDAR, based on advanced laser scanning technology, by accurately detecting incoming vehicles and then timely sending signals to the camera for capture, greatly improving the capture accuracy and license plate recognition rate.

Precise Detection

Capture the coming vehicles precisely by LiDAR.

Synchronous Control of Multiple Lanes

Control multiple lanes and activate multiple cameras simultaneously by one LiDAR

Work in Complex Road Conditions

The system with fast response speed and unlimited traffic volume has a good detection effect on complex road conditions such as large traffic volume, many parallel vehicles and cross section areas.

All-day Efficient Work

It can work normally at night or on rainy days, which largely makes up for the shortcomings of the camera and meets the requirements of long-term outdoor working conditions.

Greatly Improve the Capture Accuracy and License Plate Recognition Rate

Under normal conditions, the vehicle capture accuracy can reach 99.9% and the license plate recognition rate can reach more than 98%

Rich Experiences with Landing Projects

In response to the missing detection issues by ETC systems, a domestic project decided to use LSLiDAR High-way ETC Activation System, which installed hundreds of LiDARs on almost all high-speed roads in the province, in order to realize the detection accurately the coming vehicles and then activation the captures.

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