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The software recognizes surroundings deeply; it can identify flying and static objects. LiDAR has a wide-angle detection. The software process detects data algorithms, and the software makes a map for the navigation of the vehicle, train, or drone. It uses multiple principles for very precise data calculation and correct directions.


LiDAR, a radar system that detects the position, speed, and other characteristic quantities of a target by emitting a laser beam, is mainly composed of transmitting system, receiving system, information processing and other parts. LiDAR has the characteristics of high accuracy, long range, strong anti-interference, independent of ambient light, etc. It can effectively sense the environmental situation both day and night, thus completely liberating many devices that originally relied highly on human monitoring and control.

Ranging principles

LiDAR range measurement principles include triangulation, phase method, time of flight (TOF) and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW)

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Using the triangular geometry principle, the distance of the target is calculated by measuring the displacement of the scattered light on the imaging surface of the receiver, which is simple, low cost and high accuracy at short distances.

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Phase method

The distance measurement is achieved by measuring the phase of the echo signal and comparing it with the phase of the transmitted signal or by arithmetic, but the long-range measurement and high accuracy cannot be satisfied at the same time.

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Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW)

is also considered as one of the ultimate solid-state lidar solutions because of its long detection distance, its ability to measure the velocity information of objects, its ultra-high resolution, and its ability to achieve interference-free and true solid-state structure, but the lidar with FMCW measurement principle is limited by various aspects such as technical system, device maturity and material cost, it is difficult to be practical in the short term within five or six years.

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Trusted software

The LiDAR software deeply learns about the environment using advanced tech for object detection. The software processes the data algorithm millions of times per second to obtain accurate results for navigation. It uses multiple principles for high accuracy. The software can produce accurate results and fast processing of algorithms, resulting in safe navigation, warning signal and movement.

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