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LSLiDAR Completes Series D Funding of Hundreds of Millions in RMB

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In the context of the downturn in the overall capital market and the difficult financing environment, LSLiDAR has Series D Funding of Hundreds of millions in RMB, jointly led by Jinan Tongxin Future Industry Investment and Chongqing South Fund. They have greatly recognized LSLiDAR’s advancement in LiDAR technology, innovation and practicality in industrial applications, and its leading position in the industry.

This round of financing will be used to further increase investment in LiDAR technology research and development, 3D SLAM AMR/AGV technology and application research, as well as construction of 1550nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDAR automated factory and 3D SLAM AMR/AGV, to build a more complete matrix of LiDAR products and realize nationwide industrialization, improve production efficiency, ensure consistency and stability of product performance, with the aim of meeting the growing market demand for LiDAR and AMR/AGV, and accelerating mass production applications.

LSLiDAR has registered newly established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shandong and Chongqing, respectively, and is preparing to build automated factories and autonomous system bases. The Jinan base in Shandong covers an area of 12,000 ㎡, while the production base in Chongqing covers an area of 5,000 ㎡. They will mainly produce auto-grade 1550nm TOF fiber laser LiDAR and 3D SLAM autonomous forklifts. The maximum production capacity of 1550nm LiDAR can reach one million units, and the design production capacity of AMR/AGV can reach 10,000 units. It will lead an industrial revolution with a more low-cost, high-efficiency and high-quality automated production model, continue to empower industrial innovation, and maintain its leading position in the face of fierce market competition.

Full-industry full-scene business ecosystem layout

Through eight years of efforts, LSLiDAR has built 7 major LiDAR product platforms + 3 major algorithms + controllers + solutions for multiple scene, covering 10 major industrial circles, constructing a full-industry and full-scenario business ecosystem, comprehensively empowering various industries to achieve industrial upgrades.

Pioneer of LiDAR 3D SLAM AMR/AGV technology and applications

From 2017 to 2020, LSLiDAR invested in the research and development of LiDAR 3D SLAM natural navigation and positioning technology. From 2020 to 2023, LSLiDAR took the lead in integrating the mature LiDAR 3D SLAM technology developed in-house into forklift vehicles. The forklift is equipped with 7-8 high-performance LiDAR developed and produced in-house by LSLiDAR as well as high-precision fiber optic/fiber hybrid inertial/MEMS inertial sensors from I-NAV, creating a globally leading series of 3D SLAM AMR/AGV. This perfectly solves the three major pain points of traditional autonomous forklifts using reflective plates, QR code and 2D SLAM solutions: inability to use outside scenarios, limited scope of scenario applications, high cost investment and complex deployment that is prone to failure. LSLiDAR’s 3D SLAM AMR/AGV can be applied in scenarios such as factory automation, warehouse automation and port automation. It has served over 150 industrial customers and is a pioneer in implementing LiDAR 3D SLAM AMR/AGV technology and applications on a global scale.

Building a complete matrix of LiDAR products to solve various application challenges

LSLiDAR has built 7 major LiDAR product platforms and tackled the detection interference problems in dusty and foggy environments, ensuring the safe operation of vehicles, robots and other equipment in rain, fog and other harsh environments, fulfilling its corporate mission of “drive safer”.

Ultimate perception 1550nm fiber laser hybrid solid-state LiDAR

LSLiDAR’s 1550nm fiber laser hybrid solid-state LiDAR platform uses its proprietary 1550nm fiber lasers and dozens of high-power core photonic devices developed in-house. It has scanning paths of 128 lines/180 lines/320 lines/400 lines/512 lines/800 lines, with detection distances reaching 500m/1250m/2000m and centimeter-level measurement accuracy and million-level point rate. It has extremely strong capabilities for detecting small objects from long distances and is highly cost-effective. It is suitable for L3 and above high-level autonomous driving as well as ultra-long and ultra-wide range security protection and obstacle detection. It can be applied to fields such as autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, rail transit, general aviation, waterway navigation, high-end security, surveying and mapping.

This platform includes the Terminator series of auto-grade 1550nm fiber laser LiDAR with image resolution, the MS06 helicopter collision avoidance LiDAR, the high-precision long-range MS03 LiDAR, the LS30MVA long-range visualization and adjustment laser ranging system for bridge collision avoidance, and other products.

Ultra-compact 905nm auto-grade hybrid solid-state LiDAR

The 905nm auto-grade hybrid solid-state LiDAR of the CX series adopts a LiDAR dedicated integrated chip jointly customized and developed by LSLiDAR and QH Micro-E. It consumes less power, dissipates heat faster, produces less noise, and the window will not fog up during temperature changes. At the same time, it is palm-sized, occupying less vehicle body space and fitting the vehicle profile better. The maximum detection distance can reach 200m (@10% reflectivity), with a maximum point rate of up to 1.53 million points/second, a maximum resolution of 0.2°x0.09°, and a detection accuracy ≤3cm. It can meet the precise detection of the surrounding environment when driving, enabling autonomous driving.

Comprehensive upgrade of multi-line mechanical LiDAR

LSLiDAR has upgraded its multi-line mechanical LiDAR C16/C32 with 4.0 reforms, achieving higher detection accuracy, more stable point clouds and stronger anti-interference capabilities from light. It has also undergone repeated testing for dust and fog and has the effect of dust recognition and filtering, bringing its sensing performance to a new level.

This year, LSLiDAR launched the CH32R ultra-wide-angle blind spot LiDAR (360°x90°) and C32W wide FOV mechanical LiDAR (360°x70°), both of which serve as blind spot LiDAR with a wide FOV to make up for the detection blind spots of the main radar in near-distance and low-altitude views, assisting in the detection of people or other obstacles at near distances and low altitudes to achieve safer and more intelligent low-speed autonomous driving.

3 new technology platforms for LiDAR will soon be launched

LSLiDAR will successively launch FMCW LiDAR, FLASH LiDAR and dual-channel underwater imaging LiDAR by the end of 2023. Please stay tuned.

LSLiDAR will continue increasing its investment in LiDAR technology and product R&D to keep breaking through and overcoming core technical challenges in full-scenario high-end LiDAR. It will accumulate innovation capabilities, enrich its product line and expand market applications to empower the intelligent and unmanned transformation and upgrades of various industries, helping “Made in China” progress towards “Intelligent Manufacturing in China.”


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