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LSLiDAR and WHEELTEC Develop Further Strategic Cooperation

Since November 2021, when Leishen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LSLiDAR) and WHEELTEC Intelligent Technology (Dongguan) Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as WHEELTEC) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two companies have developed a comprehensive strategic partnership in the field of autonomous driving and ROS research and education, which has accelerated the rapid popularization of LSLiDAR’s LiDARs in the research and development of autonomous driving enterprises and the university education field. WHEELTEC also has consolidated its leading position in the supply chain of autonomous driving.


LSLiDAR and WHEELTEC sign a strategic cooperation agreement.


With its technical and brand advantages in the field of LiDAR, LSLiDAR provides exclusive agency authorization for domestic e-commerce channels of some LiDAR products and provides technical support about LiDARs for the WHEELTEC’s whole series of products. The two companies have complemented each other’s advantages and joined forces, and have made significant contributions to the implementation of autonomous driving R&D projects and intelligent robot education through high-quality products and services since the cooperation nearly one year.

Recently, LSLiDAR and WHEELTEC reached a more in-depth cooperation on LiDAR products applied to robots. In addition to the single-line mechanical LiDAR, M10, the single-line mechanical LiDAR, N10 series, the high-performance single-line mechanical TOF LiDAR, M10P, the multi-line mechanical LiDAR, C16, and the hybrid solid-state LiDAR, CH128X1, are also provided to WHEELTEC. WHEELTEC’s projects equipped with multi-line LiDARs have been landed and shipped in large quantities. The two companies are continuously working together to create ultra-high cost-efficiency products for autonomous driving.


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