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LSLiDAR High-end LiDAR Security Solution

LSLiDAR sincerely recruit agents all over the world to join us and promote the development and application of high-end security solutions!


With the acceleration of global urbanization, the demand for urban security system is also growing. Since 2015, the State Council and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other government departments have promulgated a series of guiding policies on intelligent security, supporting the transformation of traditional security to the intelligent security, and vigorously promoting the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence industry.


In recent years, the prosperity of chip, cloud computing, big data and sensor technology is also an important factor to promote intelligent security to large-scale landing. The value of China’s security market in 2021 has reached nearly 950 billion yuan and is expected to reach more than one trillion yuan in 2022, which means the market prospect is very promising!


As a world-leading provider of full-scene LiDARs and overall solutions, LSLiDAR has been dedicated to the development of high-end security products and solutions. This LSLIDAR High-end Security System uses multi-sensor fusion equipment such as LiDAR, HD camera, thermal imaging camera and microwave radar, and integrates with advanced neural network algorithm to achieve active detection of illegal intrusion in the perimeter. Once any illegal intrusion, the System will link the HD dome cameras to monitor the intruded area, collect HD videos and images, locate and track the target in the key surveillance area, record the movement trajectories of the target, trigger the surveillance center to send alarms.



LSLIDAR High-End Security System


Compared with the surveillance technology, passive defense of sensor alarm technology and shortages of intelligent image analysis technology in environmental applications, the System based on the deployment of 3D LiDAR has outstanding advantages.

  1. Wild Detection Range

The detection range reaches up to 2 kilometers, effectively making up for the limitation of human eyes’ visual distance.


  1. ProactiveDefense

The 3D LiDAR links the camera to achieve detection, proactively locating the real-time 3D space coordinates, GPS coordinates and movement trajectories of the intruders.


  1. All-Day Operation

The System is not affected by sunlight or bad weathers and applicable to most outdoor scenarios. It works well even in bright light or at night, which enables a 24/7 stable operation.


  1. Intelligent Algorithm Identification

The intelligent algorithm accurately identifies the target attributes based on the detected data, and reserves the detected data to provide the data basis for predicting the target’s behaviors.


  1. Multi-Targets and Multi-Areas Track

The System can set multiple independent detection areas at one time, and can also set non-detection areas, without personnel on tracking.


  1. Linkage Alarm Device

Once any intrusion target is detected, the System will trigger the surveillance center, send alarms and upload the videos. The System also supports setting alarms for intrusion in the detection range at different areas and different time periods.


  1. Solar Powered

The System supports solar power, transmits signals through 5G/4G network, and able to work in remote areas where there are difficulties for power supply.


The LSLIDAR High-end Security Solution is applied in a wide range of fields such as airports, port terminals, mine areas, museums, high-speed railway stations, ship security, oil depots, hazardous goods storage areas, chemical plants, prisons and detention houses, coastline security, plant and animal protection, forest safety prevention zones, water protection zones, hydro-electric power, nuclear power stations, special camps, special warehouses, special parks and other places.



Security of the Airports Perimeter


Security of the Nuclear Power Stations and other Hazardous Places


Security of the Prisons and Detention Houses


Security of the Museums and Other Important Places


Security of the Port Terminals


Security of the Subway and Railway Platforms


Since there are different industries and business scenarios, the requirements for the selection and quantity of LiDAR, the core product of the anti-intrusion system, are different in the supporting products of the solution. Below are the model selection figures for the LiDARs applied in high-end security fields.


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Thank you very much for your approval of LSLiDAR, we will do our best to serve you ! We will respond to your intended needs within 24 hours, thank you for your support.

Please Leave Your Message

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Thank you very much for your approval of LSLiDAR, we will do our best to serve you ! We will respond to your intended needs within 24 hours, thank you for your support.