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With the increasing investment in civil aviation and general aviation, the high-speed development of airport construction will certainly require a more intelligent and automated airport management system. As the location for airport flight take-off and landing, the advanced and reliable management system of airport apron will have a significant impact on the overall airport operation efficiency and safety. Ground safety is important to every airport and airline, but it is a challenging task in the closed gate and apron area. The busy and complex movement of aircraft, vehicles and people in all weather conditions can lead to accidents and delayed aircraft.

LiDAR in General Aviation

The aircraft parking LiDAR guidance system, independently developed by LSLIDAR, provides the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to park aircraft under various weather conditions. The system adopts a non-contact active detection mode, using the high-resolution and high-precision radar LiDAR as the core sensor and data fusion with the camera to ensure the compatibility of aircraft and parking spaces with accurate 3D perception, tracking the exact location of aircraft parking in real time while sensing vehicles or other objects on the apron, thus reducing the risk of errors, and improving safety and operational efficiency.

How does a LiDAR work in aviation?

When the ground operator has finished inputting and checking the model information through the manual control panel, the system can start the self-test and start scanning continuously. A warning message or signal will be displayed if the system detects that the aircraft is taxiing too fast, to reduce the speed to prevent the aircraft from running out of the parking space. There is also a display not only visualizes the distance of the aircraft from the stopping point, but also shows the rate of distance reduction, which helps to control the taxiing speed better.

Advantages of the General Aviation System

Adopting the leading multi-sensor fusion algorithm of LiDAR and camera and deep learning model of neural network, it greatly improves the stability and redundancy of system detection, and more accurately completes aircraft type identification.
The system intelligently guides the parking trajectory path according to the size of the aircraft type, while dynamically setting the 3D protection zone of the aircraft perimeter based on the laser point cloud data, and outputting alarm information when an obstacle enters the safety protection zone to further improve the safety of automatic parking.
Using the camera to follow the 3D protection zone throughout the whole process, it can display and store the 3D point cloud information and image information of the aircraft in real time for data preparation. information and image information for data checking.
Using LiDAR to make high-precision positioning of angle and distance in the process of aircraft parking, and precisely realize the automatic guidance function of aircraft parking.


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FAQ For General Aviation

The LiDAR device scans the ground below from the aircraft with better precision and resolution than aerial photography. This helps the aircraft detect and measure the features of small and subtle terrains.

The GPS is used to precisely calculate how much time has passed and monitor the aircraft’s movement when it flies. This system helps airborne LiDAR in producing accurate and precise topography.

  • Easy scanning of larger areas without limitation of time
  • Less time-consuming and budget-friendly
  • Scans a large area in a short period
  • No obstacles such as trees, power lines, etc. due to the distance of the aircraft from the surface of the Earth
  • Topographic LiDAR

This type of LiDAR is used for mapping the land by using near-infrared light. Topographic LiDAR helps collect the data, which is used to create topographic maps of the scanned area.

  • Bathymetric LiDAR

This type of LiDAR helps scan through the water. A green laser is used to measure the seafloor and riverbed elevations.

Hence, the LiDAR technology in aircraft is a dynamic, active multi-sensor system that is extremely helpful in measuring the sensor platforms.

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Thank you very much for your approval of LSLiDAR, we will do our best to serve you ! We will respond to your intended needs within 24 hours, thank you for your support.