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How are LSLiDAR LiDAR point clouds imaged?

TOF LiDAR is a laser emitter emits an ultra-short laser pulse, the laser is projected to the target, diffuse reflection occurs, and then the laser receiver receives the diffuse light, by measuring the laser beam in the air flight time, to calculate the distance from the target to the sensor.


In the evolution of the automotive industry to high-level autonomous driving, it is constantly necessary to accurately perceive the surrounding complex road environment. Visual cameras and millimeter-wave radars have their hardware limitations. In the case of strong light, dark light, stationary obstacles, etc. It is difficult to perform reliable identification, while LiDAR is less disturbed by these factors, and has become the core device of autonomous driving perception hardware.


Image-grade LiDAR means that the point cloud imaging of LiDAR is like an image of ultra-high-definition pixels, and the details are clearly visible. This requires that LiDARs must have super-strong perception and detection capabilities. LSLiDAR image-grade 1550nm fiber laser LiDAR LS series has this super detection ability.



512-line LS series 1550nm auto-grade LiDAR point cloud


Seen from the above picture: Point cloud image is delicate and clear, traffic cone, potting, small lantern, the folds of clothing, and the facial features of the human face can be clearly seen.


How does LiDAR achieve such accurate imaging?


First, LS series 1550nm fiber laser LiDAR has a maximum of 512-line scanning channels, measurement point rate of up to 6.4 million, and a ranging accuracy of ±50px.


LS series 1550nm fiber laser LiDAR can also be configured with 128-line and 256-line scanning paths, including 128-line measuring point rate of 1.6 million points/second, 256 line measuring point rate of 3.2 million points/second, point cloud effect is still ahead of similar products.


256-line LS series 1550nm auto-grade LiDAR point cloud


128-line LS series 1550nm auto-grade LiDAR point cloud


Second, LSLiDAR LS series 1550nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDAR, with 120°x25° FOV, with 0.09°×0.05° high resolution, the Full FOV is the ROI area, and can detect and identify all entering the FOV. The object provides sufficient and reliable road environment information for the car.

The current LiDAR area with ROI staring is small. If the target is locked, assuming that several targets suddenly appear on both sides of the vehicle at this time, will this type of LiDAR continue to lock on the previous target or lock on the suddenly appeared target? This also affects the judgment the car should make in sudden or complicated situations. The ultra-high resolution of LSLiDAR LS series 1550nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDAR can perfectly solve such problems.

Finally, LSLiDAR LS series uses a 1550nm fiber laser. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of human eyes, increased the transmission power, thereby improving the detection distance. The longest detection distance of the LS series can reach 500m, and the detection distance can also reach 250m under the condition of 10% reflectivity, which can provide sufficient safety redundancy distance for intelligent driving, sense the road ahead in advance, and escort safe driving.


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