128 Channels Hybrid Solid-State LiDAR

Compact design & high performance, suitable for a variety of scenarios

CH128X1 Hybrid Solid-State LiDAR

CH128X1 meets various requirements of automobile manufacturers who equip their automobiles with driving automation system. The stable and reliable performance of the CH series Hybrid Solid-state LiDAR meets the size, power consumption, function, safety, cost and other requirements of automobile manufacturers, and has passed a series of rigorous tests. CH128 series has achieved an unprecedented technological breakthrough in Hybrid Solid-state LiDAR globally

High reliability and stability

Compared with the traditional mechanical LiDAR, the CH series LiDAR owns a almost-solid-state structure with the only moving component inside–prism, which greatly improves its durability and assembly efficiency and makes it easier to achieve mass production.

Key Specifications

0.2°@10Hz * 0.25°

Angular Resolution (HxV)


Scan Ratec

120° * 25°(-18°~7°)

Maximum Field of View (HxV)

118 * 90 * 75mm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Detection Range

760,000 pts/s

Data Points Generated

200m ([email protected]%) detection range

Break the ranging limitation of Hybrid Solid-state LiDAR with 905nm lasers

High performance, small size

It is more suitable for automobile, robot, and other device

Different communication interface alternatives for different platform.

760,000 pts/s data Points Generated

Ultra-high point rate delivers hyperfine point cloud for complex applications.


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