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LeiShen CVIS Boosts ITS Construction

Different than the craze in the previous two years, Lidar has entered the era of mass production after the sorting-out process, and the year 2021 is regarded as the Lidar Year One.

At the 2021 Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition, major auto enterprises have launched new smart vehicles equipped with Lidar. Up to 6 Lidars at most were mounted on one single vehicle to achieve different levels of autonomous driving.

At a time when the Lidar mass production and installation is in full swing, how to put smart automobiles’ intelligent driving functions into full play, and how to realize the collaboration between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads to improve traffic efficiency and ensure safe travel are also the essential problems of the entire Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

The Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System (CVIS), the core of ITS, is based on wireless communication, sensor detection and other related technologies. Through vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-road communication, the intelligent coordination and cooperation between vehicles and infrastructure becomes a reality, so as to realize the purpose of optimizing system resources, improving road traffic safety, and alleviating traffic congestion. It is the latest development direction of the ITS, in which Lidar plays a significant and critical role.

Elaborate Cultivation of CVIS Gains Fruitful Harvest

Since its establishment in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent has concentrated on the deep plough in the field of laser detection technology, and has become the world’s leading provider of Lidar products and overall solutions with its core technology and hard power of independent innovation.

With its self-developed auto-grade hybrid solid-state Lidar and advanced multi-sensor fusion environmental sensing system, LeiShen Intelligent not only empowers the intelligent driving industry but also collaborates to create an efficient and stable CVIS roadside sensing system. So far, over 50 projects have been successfully implemented in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Chongqing, Wuhan, Tianjin, Changzhou, Changshu, Chengdu, Sanya, Qingdao, Liuzhou, the Netherlands, etc., which provide strong support for the ITS development.


In 2021, LeiShen Intelligent ushers in a tidal wave of cooperation, with nearly 40 new CVIS projects, of which about 30 have already been successfully completed.

The cooperative units include national key research institutes, high-tech listed companies, group companies in the communication technology industry, national first-class universities, renowned V2X solution providers, ITS developers and other noted enterprises in related industries. Covering highway intersections and large crossroads, parks, parking lots, tunnels and other scenarios, the projects provide all-round accurate environmental sensing for CVIS, and create safe, reliable, efficient, and favourable traffic environments.


Recently, LeiShen Intelligent has jointly conducted a CVIS application test based on C-V2X with Intel and JHCTech, and released the white paper on the Lidar 3D Point Cloud Processing and Sensor Fusion based on Intel® Architecture for C-V2X. The CH128X1 All-in-One Roadside Perception Equipment provided by LeiShen Intelligent is employed to support 3D point cloud processing and perception fusion computing based on deep learning. It has been tested and deployed on the intel platform, providing precise 3D environment perception information for the entire CVIS.



Omniscient Perspective Ensures Safe Travel

In the LeiShen Intelligent’s V2X Roadside Perception System, multi-line Lidar is deployed at highway entrances and exits, large crossroads, etc. Along with various sensors such as cameras and millimetre-wave radars, it provides effective information supplements to the current visual blind spots of the vehicle to improve driving safety. Road information including pedestrians and objects is incorporated into the V2X data network and then broadcast to vehicles nearby or in the distance via the traffic control centre server. Meanwhile, the System provides vehicles with intersection information and traffic safety information notice, such as red light, driving speed, blind spot, etc.

Furthermore, the collected information can also be released through intelligent traffic stop signs and mobile apps, so that more traffic participants can obtain vehicle operation information in advance, which enables them to make accurate prejudgements. With all these functions, the LeiShen Intelligent’s V2X Roadside Perception System helps in creating a safe and efficient travel environment for people, and truly achieves the corporate mission of ” Make Safer Driving, Smarter Machine, and Better Life “.


Figure. Overall Process of the V2X Roadside Perception System

In the past, vehicle information was obtained passively through video, radar and other devices. However, after the vehicle-infrastructure collaboration is realized, the vehicle’s speed, destination, and state can be actively submitted by the vehicle. The road surface, fences, traffic signs, and signal lights can also send signals to vehicles and transmit information, so as to ensure the safe driving distance between vehicles, keep track of the status and emergency needs of each vehicle at any time, and convey road conditions in the distance to vehicles. Thus, the original limitation of single-vehicle perception is broken, and every vehicle now has an omniscient perspective beyond visual range and without blind spots.

Matrixing Enhances the Intelligent Transportation Value System

  1. All-round monitoring without dead ends

LeiShen roadside equipment is generally installed over 3 meters. With a high and wide field of view that almost has no dead angles, the V2X equipment can effectively handle obstructions. It is suitable for the comprehensive monitoring of all kinds of complex road sections.

  1. Holographic perception of the road environment

The LeiShen V2X System adopts advanced neural network algorithms. After deep learning, it is able to identify the attributes of target objects on the road accurately and output information like types, directions, distances, speeds, movement directions and flow of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians, etc. Through V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) communication, the System transmits real-time obstacle information to autonomous vehicles to provide a full range of road data for decision-making levels.

  1. More accurate and reliable

The Lidar of the LeiShen V2X System installed firmly on the roadside has a high detection accuracy for moving objects below it. Besides, by joint calibration and data fusion, the functions of lidar and camera are complemented, which effectively improves the precision and reliability of road data acquisition and thereby supplements safety redundancy for autonomous driving.

  1. A strong safeguard for autonomous driving

Under the all-terrain condition of the open road, even the high-end version of automatic vehicles face major challenges, such as poor weather conditions, obstructed vision, sudden pedestrian crossing, close tailgating and other scenarios. The RSU roadside terminal of the LeiShen V2X System maps the traffic light information and blind spot detection results to the cloud 3D map in real time through the road cloud network to realize digital mapping of intersections and blind spots. It makes further warning and threat judgments for vehicles based on actual road conditions, such as the road control warning, foreign body intrusion warning, blind spot warning, etc., so that autonomous vehicles obtain information about the vehicle entrance and exit ahead in advance to take safe driving actions in time, or actively trigger deceleration and brake operations.

  1. Reduce costs for autonomous driving

The LeiShen V2X System provides autonomous vehicles with full-traffic element perception through the RSU roadside sensing base station, which improves the perception accuracy, reduces the vehicle’s sensor requirements and configuration, thereby reducing the cost of the entire autonomous driving system.

Hardware of the LeiShen V2X System









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