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LSLiDAR Receives The Highest Grade Of Automotive Functional Safety Process ASIL D Certification

LSLiDAR Receives The Highest Grade Of Automotive Functional Safety Process ASIL D Certification

On July 14th, LSLiDAR was awarded ISO 26262:2018 Automotive Functional Safety Process Certification issued by TÜV NORD and was accredited with ASIL D, the highest level approval. (ASIL has four grades, A, B, C, and D, where A is the lowest grade and D is the highest grade).

This certification signifies that LSLiDAR’s LiDAR and its technology have passed the review of functional safety management, system development, hardware development, software development, support process, safety analysis, and other audits. LSLiDAR established the automotive safety functions and safety process, involving R&D, production, service, and management. It is also a further certification of LSLiDAR’s strength as a global automotive supply chain manufacturer.

This is a milestone for LSLiDAR to establish a functional safety system for automobiles in the future. It is also a further certification of LSLiDAR’s strength as a global automotive supply chain manufacturer.

As a full-scene LiDAR and overall solution service provider that enables autonomous driving, LSLiDAR always adheres to the mission of "making driving safer, making machines smarter, and making life better", and firmly believes that " safety is the first criterion for autonomous driving" and is committed to building high-safety, high-performance, high-stability auto-grade LiDARs.

In addition to this ISO 26262:2018 automotive functional safety ASIL D process certification, LSLiDAR is also making efforts in multiple directions to continuously improve its comprehensive strength in functional safety, quality control, and other aspects, emphasizing the safety and reliability of automotive products.

Formation of professional automotive team, full chain process management

LsLiDAR reorganized the team of the Automotive Division and established Reliability and Testing Center and a Functional Safety Team. With more than ten years of experience in automotive electronic product R&D, design, engineering process, functional safety, project management, marketing, manufacturing, testing, etc., the team, as a whole, has successfully introduced AUTOSAR, PLM, SEM, and other software architectures and project management systems to gradually improve the automotive quality management system.

Integrate vertical industry chain resources, improve supply chain stability

With the strategic layout of vertical industry chain resource integration and consolidation, LSLiDAR has the ability to design, research and development, process, manufacture, and test the whole chain from key core devices to the whole machine, and all the abilities have reached the industry-leading level.

At the same time, LSLiDAR has completed the in-house research and production of key core devices such as LiDAR chips, 1550nm fiber lasers, and more than ten kinds of high-power core fiber devices, as well as the integration of semiconductor lasers and photodetectors packaging processes, and built a fully automated factory with an annual output of nearly 1 million units, equipped with front-end optical cold processing, optical coating, precision machining, mold opening, packaging, SMT, assembly, debugging, calibration, testing and other automated production lines and processes, to realize the whole process fully controllable management, effectively ensuring product consistency and reliability.

Strictly implement standards, continuously improve product reliability

To Assist the automotive driving of the global automobile industry and to create safe and reliable products for mass production, LSLiDAR has obtained IATF16949:2016, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 Management System Certifications, and ISO 26262:2018 Automotive Functional Safety Process Certification.

ASPICE certification is also in progress. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of "big safety" (FuSa, SOTIF, CS) of the autonomous driving system, LSLiDAR is developing and managing the products in accordance with ISO26262 (FuSa functional safety), ISO21448 (SOTIF expected functional safety) and ISOSAE 21434 (cyber security CS) in the process of product development, which will be attested by Radiant Intelligence in the near future.

Based on the increasingly perfect development process, LSLiDAR has developed and will soon launch the image-grade 1550nm fiber laser auto-grade LiDAR: the LS series, equipped with an in-house high-performance 1550nm fiber laser. It will show the whole industry an auto-grade LiDAR with a combination of ultra-long detection range, true image-grade point cloud, and excellent ability of anti-interference of light to resist harsh environments.

LS - S1 Series

LS - S2 Series

The establishment and certification of the functional safety development process will promote LSLiDAR to help global automotive smart applications, and provide the industry with safer, more reliable, and higher performance LiDAR and overall solution services.