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  • What is LiDAR?

    LiDAR is an acronym of light detection and ranging. It is a kind of system having laser, GPS, INS in one to capture data and generate accurate DEM. The integration of these three technologies is capable of highly precisely positioning the spot making by the laser beam, with detection accuracy reaching centimeter-level. Therefore, the best advantage of LiDAR is accurate, quick and efficient. In recent two years, LiDAR is commonly used in avoiding obstacles for autonomous driving and robot, which is quite an essential core sensor for autonomous vehicle and robot 's localization, navigation and anti-collision. LiDAR also has a wide range application in ADAS, AGV, port automation, industrial automation, smart security, smart traffic, 3D mapping, etc .
  • What's the measurement principle of TOF?

    As the laser transmitter emits a laser pulse, the internal timer starts to calculate the time (t1) and stops (t2) when the laser receiver receives the partial energy of the laser wave bouncing off any objects. Distance = Light Speed × (t2- t1)/2
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