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N301 performs 2D scan and detection to the surrounding environment. It adopts TOF ranging principle, wireless electricity transmission and wireless FSK signal communication mode.

N30101B LiDAR

360° TOF 2D Laser Scanner


■Field of View : 360°

■Angle Resolution : 0.5°/1°

■Scan Frequency : 3~11Hz

■Driving Mode : Brushless motor

■Communication Interface : UART, RS485

■Distance Accuracy : +/-3cm



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 Scan the Environment                                              Mapping of the Environment by LS LiDAR                                               The Debugging GUI of LS LiDAR LS01  


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    Warning of security and safety

  • QQ图片20161103142001.png

    Sensing and analyzing to surrounding environments of robots

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    Navigation and anti-collision of AGV

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    Foreign Invading Detection on Railways, High-speed Trains, Metros, Coaches, etc.

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    Security and protection in prison

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