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LS02A sensor is a low-cost 2D non-rotating LIDAR developed by LeiShen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. It performs 20 degree laser scanning and ranging through a structured light transmitter and a static camera. Comparing with rotating sensors, it has longer service lifetime, higher stability, and lower cost.


20° Static LIDAR


■Field of View : 20° 

■Detection Range : 0.5~6m, optional 

■Scan Frequency : 1~15Hz

■Sample Frequency : 2000~4000Hz (customizable)

■Distance Accuracy : 2mm, 0.5m~1.5m;2% of measured distance,1.5m~5.5m;



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              Scan the Environment                                              Mapping of the Environment by LS LiDAR                                     The Debugging GUI of LS LiDAR LS01C


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    Localization and Navigation of cleaning robot

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    ADAS(Advanced Drivers' Assistant System)

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    Localization and Navigation of service robot

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    Localization and Navigation of service robot

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