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LS01C 2D LIDAR sensor is a laser scanner solution developed by LeiShen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. It performs 360 degree laser scan within 6-meters distance detection range and produces 2D point cloud data map which can be used in mapping navigation (SLAM), obstacle avoidance, route planning, etc.


360°2D Laser Scanner


■Filed of View : 360°

■Mm-level Accuracy

■Distance Range: 0.15-6m

■Sample Frequency:2000- 4000pts/sec

Communication Interface: URAT(costomizable to I2C,SPI, ,RS-485,etc.)

■Angular Resolution:  1° (customizable to 0.5°)

■Service lifetime reaching 50,000 hours    

LS01 2D LiDAR sensors


Low power consumption




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 Scan the Environment                                              Mapping of the Environment by LS LiDAR                                               The Debugging GUI of LS LiDAR LS01  


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    Localization and navigation of cleaning robot

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    Sensing and analyzing to surrounding environments of robots

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    Localization and mavigation of service robot

  • 6361376914399692794931807.jpg

    Navigation and anti-collision of AGV

  • QQ图片20161103144334.png

    To control opening of automatic doors

  • 公共场所人流量统计.jpg

    Visitors flow rate

  • QQ图片20161012112912.jpg

    Warning of security and safety

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