LeiShen Winning “Best Popularity Awa…


On AI Big Data Launch Event, LeiShen won“Best Popularity Award”. AI Big Data Accelerator Project was launched together by 10 parts—Inno Angel Fund, ZhenFund, Zhenyun Venture Capital, Ever VC, Chaos AI Growth Camp, Casstar, Hard Technology Innovation Alliance, Geek Founders, Tsinghua D-Lab, CEIBS. AI Big Data Accelerator Project will serve venture projects focusing mainly on fields of AI, Big Data, AR/VR, ADAS, Drones, Robots, IOT, and Aerospace, etc., helping innovation and entrepreneurship of AI and Big Data industries, with cohesion of quality resources.

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Adorable WOW Robot Carried Laser Scan…


WOW Robot, developed by Krund Robot Company which is held by Haier, is a Scenario Customizable Intelligent Service Robot, integrated with automatic localization, navigation and anti-collision performance, along with advanced AI technologies such as voice interaction, autonomous Learning, etc. Through IOT, WOW can take control of household electric appliances. WOW Robot has already been successfully applied to markets, banks, airports, kindergartens, etc. What’s more, WOW has intelligent “eyes”—laser scanner, which enables it to perform autonomous moving by itself. LS01C是深圳市镭神智能系统有限公司研发的一款360°二维扫描测距的激光雷达产品。该激光雷达可以实现6米范围内360度二维平面扫描,产生空间的平面点云地图信息,精度高达毫米级,寿命长久且抗强光,在70000lx的环境光下可正常工作,领先业界,此款激光雷达可以帮助机器人自主导航定位与避障,实现机器人自主行走的目的。

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LeiShen Campus Recruitment 2017 Has S…


If you are aspiring, and a dream carrier, and decide to make some achievements, do not miss LeiShen Campus Recruitment 2017 !

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LeiShen Welcomes You on WRC 2016 !


Wanna see Mosquito Killer Robots? Interested in talking with beautiful “Jiajia”as what President Xi did? Eager to see Yaoming control robots with brain waves? WRC 2016 is to be held at Beijing Yichuang International Convention & Exhibition Center from 21st to 25th this month. Here we sincerely invite you to pay us a visit at Booth D037, North Hall and communicate together the applications of laser scanners in different fields of industries. Meanwhile, you can also get close contact with the Mosquito Killer Robot !

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Shenzhen Maker Week 2016 is coming ! …


Innovation demands venture, creativity, and change. Shenzhen Maker Week 2016 formally opens on 12th Oct where LeiShen will make product presentation of laser scanners. On Shenzhen Main Venue, there will be an a lot of activities including international maker leaders forum, international makers marathon, makers’ workshop, etc. Some big shots who are also famous makers including Mark Zuckerberg, Eilon Musk, Bill Gates, Geoff gray, Reed Hoffman, Ren Zhengfei, Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, Li Kaifu, etc. will all show up in Shenzhen, communicating with each other about innovation and entrepreneurship, in this Big Time for Makers.

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An Invitation from Leishen to go to T…


Leishen will show up on Mianyang Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo for 4 days. Guess what we’ll present there? What hot spots will we discuss there? Come and open a new era of localization and navigation for movable robots, industrial AGV, UAV, ADAS with us!

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LeiShen Defines the Unique Future Wor…


Every innovation in Optoelectronic field may make big difference to human life in the future. In 2016, CIOE builds up a optoelectronic technological innovation Hall, which becomes the most biggest hit in this show. This Black-tech Hall focuses on innovative technologies which my change the future, including Biophoton, driverless systems, quantum communication/ quantum satellites, new display medias (as flexible display technology), AR/VR, photon manufacturing, AI, etc. That is truly an eye-opening event. LeiShen will show up on “Optoelectronic Black-Tech Hall”, opening the door of Future Technology.

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LeiShen’s LiDAR Caught Great Attent…


In this big Expo, LeiShen’s small Laser scanners stand out from innumerous security products and catch a lot of attention from visitors. These product series can be applied to present security alarm system to realize intelligent forewarning, proactive monitoring, high accuracy detection, etc. With unique matched LS software, the system can detect separate independent areas and work with cameras to fast identify invading direction and track down specific invaders, meanwhile transferring information to relevant staff for them to take emergency measures.

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An Invitation ——LeiShen will sh…


TAIROS 2016 is to be held at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall from 31st Aug to 3rd Sep, 2016. Robots, as the most popular topic these years, are regarded as essential artifact for Industry 4.0, and receive high attention from all walks of life in society. LeiShen will take part in the professional event covering whole industry chain, and present innovative achievements of laser scanners to customers all around the world.

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An Invitation ——LeiShen will show u…


LeiShen Team will bring all laser scanner product series to Asia-Eurasia Security Expo in Xinjian on Aug 16th .

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LeiShen Sincerely Invite You to Join …


LeiShen Makes Better Life! If you are aspiring, and a dream carrier, and decide to make some achievements, join us to meet other fellows!

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LeiShen shows up on Bao An Industry D…


Bao An Industry Development Expo opens in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on Jul 28th, 2016. LeiShen Team will show up with LS01 series laser scanners and newest M006 UAV altitude-hold distance ranger on the event.

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