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  • Engineers in Computer Vision/Deep Learning Algorithm5-10 persons



    1. A deeper insight into deep learning, statistical machine learning, computer vision and optimization methods;

    2. Know basic algorithms in object (human body/face, general objects) detection, tracking and identification;

    3. Good logical ability and algorithm implementation skills;

    4. A good command of software programming with tools like C/C++;

    5. Good communication skills and strong sense of teamwork.


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  • SLAM Algorithm/Robot Algorithm Engineer 5-10 persons



    1. Proficiency in algorithms concerning robot recognition, location and control, and in simulation analysis;

    2. Proficiency in the usage and data analysis of LiDAR;

    3. A good command of SLAM or LiDAR-based SLAM algorithms;

    4. A good command of VC++ and C languages, and proficiency in data analysis with MATLAB;

    5. A good command of ROS, with relevant development experience as a plus.


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  • Engineers in ADAS Multi-Sensor Data Fusion5-10 persons



    1. Major in telecommunications, radar and microwave, etc.;

    2. Proficiency in algorithms of multi-sensor data fusion;

    3. Analysis of multi-sensor fusion platform;

    4. Reliable test measures and procedures for sensor fusion;

    5. ADAS development experience preferred.



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  • FPGA Hardware Engineers5-10 persons



    1. A good command of FPGA development process, and development environment of Altera, Xilinx or Lattice;

    2. A good command of VHDL or Verilog languages, and proficiency in independent FPGA sequence design, analysis and simulation;

    3. Solid theoretical knowledge of common algorithms and implementation methods for digital signal processing;

    4. Good hands-on ability of debugging and trouble-shooting;

    5. A good insight into interfaces like UART, SPI, USB and EtherNet, as well as external storage like DDR and SDRAM;

    6. Experience in driving CMOS/CDD image sensor chip preferred;

    7. FPGA-based TDC development experience preferred;

    8. Radar-based FPGA development experience preferred.


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  • Engineers in Laser Ranging Algorithm5-10 persons



    1. A good command of signal processing, data analysis concerning photoelectric detectors, filtering methods and signal processing algorithms; solid theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience of digital signals;

    2. Proficiency in data modelling, algorithm design and simulation verification with Matlab or similar tools;

    3. A deep insight into laser ranging theories, methods and applied algorithms;

    4. A good command of FPGA or DSP (at least one required), programming language, and DSP/FPGA system architecture; proficiency in independent software implementation of DSP/FPGA platforms;

    5. Proficiency in at least one programming method for host computer interface, e.g. C++, labview;

    6. A good command of general bus interfaces, communication interface and corresponding software design;

    7. Familiar with the performance and application of optical detectors (e.g. APD/PIN/PMT);

    8. A good grasp of necessary computer-aided design tools, e.g. DSP and FPGA.


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  • Circuit/RF Engineers 5-10 persons



    1. Proficiency in schematic diagram design with orcad; familiar with common PCB design software like Allegro/PADS/AD;and a good command of RF testing instrument like network analyzer, spectrometer and signal generator;

    5. 5 years of experience in optical communication, or high-speed circuit design like FPGA/DSP preferred;

    3. Experience in design of high-speed 8-level RF, and high-speed high-density digital circuit layout, and a deep insight into concepts and specifications about SI, PI and EMC/EMI;

    4. Good sense of teamwork; work carefully with greater responsibilities and withstand pressure;

    5. 3+ years of development experience in microwave radar, synthetic aperture radar, millimeter-wave radar and LiDAR preferred.


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  • Point Clouds Engineers5-10 persons



    1. Know at least one mainstream LiDAR processing software, e.g. MIcrostation/Terrasolid, GlobalMapper and Lastools, with experience in other LiDAR software for file data processing;

    2. Know production principles and process of 3D mapping products, as well as features of LiDAR data, with experience in data analysis of airborne laser radar, the development of digital terrain models (DTM, DEM, DSM) and the classification of point clouds preferred;

    3. A good command of programming languages like VC or C, and experience in program design or code writing;

    4. Candidates in surveying and mapping engineering, aerial photogrammetry, remote sensing science and technology, and geographical information system are preferred;

    5. Proficiency in software like ERDAS, ArcGIS, PCI, Photoshop, CAD, and a good command of processing techniques and methods of remote sensing image;

    6. Familiar with common graphics and image processing software like AutoCAD and PhotoShop, with relevant work experience;

    7. Proficiency in point clouds data processing with Toppit and Terrascan, with experience in the classification of point clouds, and the development of DTM and DSM as a plus;

    8. Good hands-on ability of debugging and trouble-shooting;

    9. 2+ years of experience in point clouds data processing and development.


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  • Engineers in Laser Analog Signals Processing 5-10 persons



    1. Candidates in electronic information engineering or relevant majors, with laser ranging experience are preferred;

    2. 3+ years of experience in analog circuit design, plus with a good knowledge of EMC, filtering, SI/PI/photoelectric detection theories;

    3. Proficiency in the design and debugging of analog circuits for the acquisition and processing of small signal or high-speed signal;

    4. Experience in digital and analog circuit development; proficiency in independent circuit debugging, and debugging instruments for hardware like conventional oscilloscope;

    5. Experience in small signal processing of sensor devices, analog devices, and APD;

    6. Proficiency in development tools including Cadence or Altium, and experience in PCB design;

    7. Familiar with design specifications like DFM, DFT and DVT;

    8. Experience in the production of PCB and PCBA.


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  • Optical Engineers5-10 persons



    1. Experience in the design and development of optical system preferred;

    2. Solid design knowledge of precision optical systems, and design experience in camera lens, microscopes and similar imaging systems;

    3. Solid knowledge of optical theories, with experience in imaging and illumination system design as a plus;

    4. Know how to process optical lens, with experience in the assembly of optical systems; proficiency in optical design software (Zemax, CodeV), and image analysis software (Matlab);

    5. Rich experience in optical experiments, and good hands-on skills.


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